We are a Taipei bases PR agency looking for native Russian speakers to join our team.

Job description:
The work will mainly be to update our database on Russian language computer & technology publications, make sure that we have the right contact person for product news and product testing.
Research will be done through Internet and contacting to email, phone, skype etc.
To arrange product testing of our clients the right contact person will have to be contacted and the product explained and product testing arranged.
If the person is experienced enough in translation work then he/she can help translating news releases from English to Russian.

Basic understanding of computer components and products and willingness to do research by oneself to understand the products.
Open and friendly to communicate with others, independent and persistence to do the research until the right media and contact persons are found.

Work permit conditions:
Students at local universities can work part-time. Due to strict labor law we can offer jobs to non-students only if they resident status allows them to work.

Email: work (-at)- GlobalPR.com.tw
Tel: (02)-2897 3237