On September 10th, 2017 Haxstrong Charity and Russian Club (Cultural Center Matreshka) hosted Taichung international community leaders' meeting.

Haxstrong Charity and Russian Club are working together to benefit the community in various ways. Cultural Center Matreshka has kindly offered the facilities to hold this event and provided coffee and refreshments.

A special guest Ms. Chang, representative of the Legal Aid Foundation, delivered a speech on legal aid in Taiwan and how that works.  Shaun Bettinson (Haxstrong Charity) shared some information about  health insurance and other resources that are available to the community. Yana Mishkina (Fong Chia University, students' representative) spoke about the challenges that international students meet. Irene Karanikas and Ksenia Andrew pointed on the importance of supporting young mothers. Jeannie Riley (American Chamber of Commerce) spoke about volunteer opportunities for foreigners in Taiwan. Courtney Donovan Smith (Compass Magazine) added a lot of important information about immigration policy.

All the participants agreed on the importance of cooperation in order to make international community better.

Special thanks to Ms.Chang (Legal Aid Foundation) for providing information about resources that government provides for foreigner residents in Taiwan.

Haxstrong Charity and Russian Club (Cultural Center Matreshka)