Time: August 29 日 (Saturday) 17:30-21:00 pm
Venue: Beitou Park, Xinbeitou MRT only one exit

Participants must overcome the limitations of darkness, using headlights and a compass to find optimal route on a map, to collect higher number of Control Points. Each control point will have it's description, and it's value. Control points description along with map will be given at start time, and it's up to each person/team to choose points to search for, in a limited time.

Participation categories:
(一) Competition - personal participation:
男 子 組 女 子 組 賽 程 資 格 條 件
MA WA 困難 男/女準精英組 (單人 年齡不限) Men/Women Difficult Course, any age
MN WN 困難 男/女公開組 (單人 年齡不限) Men/Women Open, any age
MK WK 中等 男/女兒童組(單人 限國小在學生) Men/Women Elementary School only
(二) Competition - Team race
MIX-A 中等 雙男混合組 (雙人 年齡不限) Men+Men team
MIX-B 中等 雙女混合組 (雙人 年齡不限) Women+Women team
MIX-C 中等 男女混合組 (雙人 年齡不限) Men+Women team
MIX-D 簡單 雙男或雙女或男女混合(雙人 限國小學生) Elementary schoool Team of 2
KF(家庭組) 中等 限家庭成員,一組最多3人 Family Team (up to 3 people)
(三) Practice group CATI(體驗組) 簡單 單純體驗,一組最多3人 up to 3 people
(四) VIP 簡單 受邀之貴賓或長官或工作人員。

Application fee: NT $ 300 yuan per person, competition groups NT $ 600. Family group and practice groups - each group NT $ 500.
After August 16, registration per person = NT $ 350, competition groups NT $ 700, family group and practice group = NT $ 600. Cancellations on or after August 16, will incur a charge a fee NT $ 100.
8月16日後報名與繳費者,每人=NT$350-,家庭組及體驗組= NT$600-且不計獎項。若已完成報名與繳費,但於8月16日後取消報名者,將酌收工本費NT$100-

Registrations for competition received after 8/23 will be confirmed on quota availability, if full, participation possible after main start without ranking.
Competition groups limit: 200 people.

Map: 1: 3000 international topographic color map, will be given at start time with control points description.

Event flow:
(A) Participants have to be present at the venue 20 min before the start to receive chip and bib.
(B) Starting order in each group will be decided by draw. Different categories will start in parallel.
(C) Control points and their description will be enumerated and listed on a map. Map will be given at the start time. Control points can be collected in any order, and it's up to each person/team to decide which points to collect within limited time.

Start times and starting order will be announced on website 2 days prior to event http://www.orienteering-tw.org/?p=1395

In case of rain, event will go as planned. You can bring rain coat in case of rain. In case of taiphoon, notification of postponement will be sent.